01 May 2024

Future Workplace: Opportunity and Adversity in AI

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our APAC Workforce Insights Report titled Future Workplace: Opportunity and Adversity in AI.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is upon us, poised to revolutionise the world of work in ways beyond our current comprehension. From finance to healthcare, manufacturing to media, its impact is already being felt across various sectors, compelling businesses of all sizes to adapt swiftly. From restructuring workflows to upskilling employees, evolution is not just a necessity but a strategic necessity in navigating the shifting employment terrain.

Key highlights:

  • AI Adoption Trends: With 80% of Asia Pacific employers currently using or considering AI, the report examines the regional nuances and leading markets in AI integration
  • Job Market and AI: Insights on how AI is reshaping job roles and the actions companies are taking to manage potential job displacement
  • Strategies for CEOs: Practical tips for leveraging AI to drive business growth and maintain competitive advantage
  • Skills of the Future: An overview of the critical human skills necessary to complement AI technologies

Download to read the full report and find out the insights now!

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