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07 March 2023

Amelia Collins on leadership for International Women’s Day

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, PERSOLKELLY spoke with Amelia Collins to talk about her role as a leader in…
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04 March 2023

Five reasons to consider a career in recruitment

By Kurt Gillam, Executive General Manager PERSOLKELLY Australia. The field of recruitment is not only fast-paced, challenging and dynamic, but…
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13 July 2022

2022-23 PERSOLKELLY and Programmed’s Economic and Employment Key Insights and Salary Guide

Australia and New Zealand have made significant progress in their economic recoveries after a couple of years of disruption due…
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New Zealand Budget Summary
21 May 2021

New Zealand Budget 2021

A fine balancing act to keep growth on track Thursday’s Budget was a stark reminder of how close New Zealand…
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30 January 2024

Navigating Your Career Path with PERSOLKELLY’s 2023-24 Salary Guide

The PERSOLKELLY 2023-24 Economic and Employment Key Insights and Salary Guide is your job-seeking compass, guiding you through the intricate…
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10 January 2024

Will AI Recruitment be Replacing Recruiters?

Authored by See Yang Foo, Managing Director & Country Head, Singapore. In recent years, the recruitment world has undergone a significant…
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05 January 2024

7 Tips to Effectively Attract and Retain Digital Talents

By Sonny Subhan, Deputy Country Head PERSOLKELLY Indonesia. The demand for digital talent has been consistently high in recent years, given the…
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05 December 2023

The Future of Digital Recruitment: ChatGPT-Enhanced Talent Acquisition

Authored by Brian Sim, Managing Director & Country Head Malaysia, PERSOLKELLY. In today’s rapidly changing world, where technological innovation and digital transformation are pertinent,…
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30 November 2023

Boomerang Employees: Should You Return to Your Old Job?

Authored by Thammaiah BN, Managing Director & Country Head, PERSOLKELLY India. ‘Boomerang employees’ is a phrase that refers to people…
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06 July 2023

Building a Strong Work Ethic: Six Traits and Habits that Employers Value

Given the competitive nature of today’s job market, a strong work ethic is critical for individuals looking to stand out…
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22 June 2023

Are you hiring? How to make sure you’re getting the best candidate in the market

Recruitment is an essential process for any business, but it can also be costly. The time, effort, and resources required…
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25 May 2023

Revolutionizing ICT Recruitment in New Zealand with PERSOLKELLY New Zealand’s ICT Division

With the ever-increasing demand for talented ICT professionals, businesses in New Zealand are facing a significant challenge when it comes…
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26 April 2023

Tending SME market – food for thought for small accounting practices

In this blog, we discuss the significant role of SMEs in the Australian economy, their limited access to large financial…
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18 April 2023

How much is your time worth when it comes to a new hire?

Recruitment is a crucial process for any business, as it helps to identify and attract the most talented and qualified…
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